Kiwisaver investments poll

December 5, 2017

The Herald reports:

Over half of KiwiSavers are apathetic as to where their money is invested, research suggests.

A survey of 1000 people by Westpac has revealed 40 per cent don’t care where their money is invested and a further 16 per cent don’t want to know. …

Westpac’s research revealed 41 per cent of respondents preferred to have their money in a fund which invests in companies making a positive environmental or social contribution.

Fourteen per cent disagreed with that approach, while 45 per cent said they were not concerned. …

But the views were more split when it came to whether investing in companies that make a positive environmental or social contribution was more important than the KiwiSaver rate of return.

Only 24 per cent agreed with that idea while 31 per cent didn’t agree and a further 45 per cent didn’t have an opinion on it.

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