Frequently Asked Questions

What does Curia in your name stand for?

The name Curia is Latin, derived from the building the Roman Senate used to meet in (called in full the Curia Hostilia and later the Curia Julia) to consult with the public over proposed laws. This was one of the earliest forms of market research, occurring 2,500 years ago.

What use is market research?

It can enable organisations to get greater understanding of key issues, assist in developing effective communication strategies and also provide the ability to use research results publicly and privately, as part of any advocacy

Are you currently recruiting staff?

Curia is currently fully staffed. However if you would like to be considered for a future vacancy, please send your details and a CV to

Are your polls accurate?

Our final pre-election poll in 2011 was closer to the final result than any published poll. Our average variation from the actual result was just 0.6%. In 2014 we were praised on election night for the accuracy of our polls.

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