Curia Market Research is based in Wellington and was established in early 2004. Its principal is David Farrar.

David, a member of the Research Association of New Zealand, has over a decade’s experience in all aspects of polling. He has managed everything from question design to results analysis for over 500 polls. He played a leading role in the formulation of the New Zealand Political Polling Code.

Curia is a member of the Research Association of New Zealand and subscribes to and follows the RANZ Code of Practice which is based on the International Code on Market and Social Research of the International Chamber of Commerce and European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).

Curia currently employs around 130 staff. We provide a friendly work environment, pay above market rates and have a solid nucleus of experienced staff.

Curia has capacity to undertake around 3,600 call minutes per evening, allowing even large polls to be completed in a compact time-frame. At peak times we can increase capacity to almost 10,000 call minutes per evening.

Curia’s rates are very competitive. On our website you can generate your own estimate of what a poll is likely to cost, based on the number of desired response and questions.

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