Often prospective clients have no idea of whether the research they want to do is affordable. We can provide estimates or quotes promptly for your desired work. As a rough guide, we have an estimate calculator below which will give you some idea of the cost of a dedicated telephone poll. Just enter in the number of questions or the number of minutes for your poll, and the number of responses you want and the calculator will give you a GST exclusive estimate.

Estimate Calculator

Cost: $

We also run a weekly nationwide omnibus poll, and you can insert up to three questions into that poll for a set price. The cost of inclusion in our omnibus poll is $300 setup fee, $200 per question per week for calling and $150 per question for reporting. So two questions in our omnibus poll for three weeks (1,000 responses) would cost $1,800 + GST.

The price of focus groups will vary depending on complexity and location but a rough estimate for likely cost is $7,000 + GST.

Other services such as postal surveys, Internet-based polls or surveys and point of sale research can be quoted as desired.

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