Pornography poll

May 1, 2017

A poll by Curia for Family First found:

  • 71% of respondents think pornography overall is bad for society and only 4% good.
  • 68% say online depictions of sexual violence are very harmful to society and 90% say moderately or very harmful.
  • 72% says there is a fair bit or a lot of connection and 42% say there is a lot of connection between online pornography and public issues such as ‘rape culture’ and sexting.
  • 62% of adults say they have come across pornography online, when not seeking it out. 13% say this has happened often and 48% at least occasionally.
  • 91% say that it is too easy for under 18s to access online pornography.
  • 81% say that Internet Providers should be required by the Government to offer filters to block pornographic material.
  • 70% say that Internet Providers should automatically block pornography unless the customer opts out by turning off a filter.

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