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Curia did a poll for the Property Institute. It asked how important is housing policy in determining your vote:

  • Will determine 8%
  • Very important 29%
  • Important 29%
  • Not an issue 32%

The Property Institute released:

“The number of people predicting an increase in property prices over the next six months is up 5% to 55% since March. Those expecting prices to decrease has dropped 5% from 12% to just 7%”.

“This means that expectations have rebounded to figures that closely match our November poll (56% increase & 8% decrease) – except in Auckland where there has been a big slump in expectations. Back in November 58% of Aucklanders were expecting house prices to rise – but last month that figure was down 12% to 46%, unchanged from our March poll”.

Property prices poll

March 13, 2017

The Herald reports:

Half of all surveyed in the Property Institute’s February poll expressed an expectation prices would continue to go up in the next six months, with Wellingtonians and those aged 18 – 30 most likely to expect it to do so.

Of the 1006 people in the phone survey, 12 per cent thought the prices would drop, compared to 34 per cent who thought prices would go unchanged.

The poll also found the public ranked foreign investment as a strong influence in the market – on average 6.7/10, compared to 6.1/10 for tradespeople and developers and 6/10 for local investors.

Property Institute Chief executive Ashley Church said there had been a noticeable shift in public expectation since the last poll.

“Back in November 56 per cent of people thought property prices would keep rising in the next six months.

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